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About Us

Who we are?

Oceanic started its sea operations in 2010, we became the next level cruise line and sea-water-adventure-sports company in Pakistan, with a growing community of 50,000 adventurous people.

Here in Oceanic, we have a straightforward mission, and that mission is to make sure your moments became memorable. We provide hospitality services on cruise ships with experiences that are worth celebrating.
Our sea routes are expanding, making us the first company to make the breaking news of cruising from Karachi till Gwadar in 2022.

Who we are?

You probably ask yourself why us?

Well, that’s simple, we know sea routes, coastlines and understand the inner mechanisms of WoW – helping you with your Team Buildings, or making sure that your guests have the time of their life.

We also collaborate with you to design events that support your need through unique, personal face-to-face experiences. We start with lots of questions, and from the answers we receive, we build a foundation of understanding and modelling your event. With our guidance, vision, and experience, we work with you to shape the event and how it should best be delivered.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Oceanic’s mission is to evaluate, clarify, and improve events based on the strategic value of emotional relationship building of our guests. Through our concepts and sea expertise, we deliver the internal and external reputation of each organization’s unique culture.

"Life is like the ocean, it goes up and down"

–Vanessa Paradis